Thanks to a steady diet of lasers, lights, and needles, middle-aged celebs look younger than ever.

In the last decade, the “enhancement” game has changed. A 40-something might not be going under the knife for a major overhaul, but chances are she is doling out for frequent minor tune-ups, which can be even more effective at stopping the clock. So when a star like Jennifer Lopez took to Twitter last year to denounce claims that she’s “had plastic surgery of any kind,” she might well have been telling the truth. The fact is, with the nonsurgical treatments available now, she hasn’t had to.
Among the more effective treatments available is Botox, which is best to start injecting before deep wrinkles occur. We recommend treating lightly, so you retain expressions but don’t have lines at rest.
Injectables are still the dermatologic indulgence that everyone likes to deny. Over-filled lips, a puffed-out “monkey mouth,” and inflated cheekbones are so stigmatized that we only see them on Bravo. But the truth is that A-listers are still filling up, and doing so frequently. It’s just harder to discern because fillers can be administered in microdroplets with a tiny needle, resulting in a more natural look. Perhaps that’s why they’re being used to restore volume in areas that were rarely considered before, like around the temples and hands.
Some of the most dramatic advancements in skincare, however, have been in the realm of tightening and firming. Ultrasound treatments (like Ultherapy), are making it possible to restore texture and tone quickly with minimal recovery time.
And of course skin resurfacing lasers, like the Pixel are always a favorite because of the overall benefits to the skin including reducing fine lines, improving brown spots and an overall brightening of your skin.