Goodbye razor, Hello Laser

Whether for aesthetic purposes or good old hygiene, hair removal has become a necessity over the years, and has given publicity to laser hair removal benefits. Among the various methods, laser hair removal is recognized all over the world and have been in use since 1997. Both men and women are increasingly opting for laser hair removal as a safe, effective, and permanent solution. The FDA has approved the procedure and recognizes its efficacy in reducing hair growth consistently over time.

Human hair grows in three steps, namely, anagen, telogen and catagen. Any treatments you take for hair removal are highly effective if used at the anagen step. During the laser procedure, a concentrated beam of light is focused on the hair follicle. As the light beam transforms into pure energy it is absorbed by the natural pigmentation of the hair. This energy heats and burns the hair follicle at the root so that it cannot grow back giving you smooth, fabulous skin.

You can rest assured that the laser treatment is safe since the light beams only work on the pigmented hair leaving the surrounding skin untouched. Of all the laser hair removal benefits, the most attractive is the painless procedure when compared to waxing. The only sensation you’ll feel will be similar to that of the warm snapping of a rubber band. The discomfort can also depend on the sensitivity of the area being treated.hello laser