Skin Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate

37669_1330426913141_1605037106_30805780_223815_nThink just because you have darker skin that you won’t get skin cancer?  Well you’re wrong, according to an article on MedPage Today (7/19, Walsh). 

The article sites a study published in the Archives of Dermatology and found that people with darker skin are “also at risk for skin cancer” especially in places that are very sunny… like San Diego.

The research, conducted in sunny Florida, showed that the incidence of melanoma increased- most notable was the increase in melanoma in hispanic and african-american individuals. 

Everyone, regradless of skin tone, needs to take sun precautions; wear a wide brimmed hat, wear and re-apply sunscreen every 1-2 hours, and try to avoid being out midday for prolonged periods of time.  Full body exams are strongly recommended at least once a year.

To read the full article, please click on the following link: MedPage Today

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