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Case Report: Treating Photodamage with Pixel CO2

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

A 57 year old male with a long history of excessive sun exposure presented with concerns about the photodamage on his face, particularly skin discoloration, moderate to severe wrinkling, and overall wanted to improve the texture of his skin.

Before treatment with Pixel CO2

Before treatment with Pixel CO2

I treated the patient with the Qs Alexandrite laser to address the more discrete brown spots (lentigos) and then treated the patient’s full face with the Pixel CO2 Pixel CO2 is the perfect treatment for someone who has moderate to severe photodamage and would like to do some resurfacing, but is concerned about undergoing traditional CO2.  Pixel CO2 is fractionated resurfacing, which means downtime will be minimal- only about 1 week for the average patient.  Risk of infection is dramatically decreased  because unlike traditional CO2, Pixel CO2 doesn’t break open the skin- there is no oozing or weeping.  The line of demarcation, which is often associated with traditional CO2, is not an issue with Pixel CO2.  What you will get with Pixel CO2 is noticeably smoother, more youthful skin.

1pixel co2 after

Introducing Pixel CO2 Laser

Monday, February 15th, 2010

dermsd logoSan Diego Dermatology & Laser Surgery is pleased to announce the latest addition to our practice…

Introducing Pixel CO2!!

Pixel CO2 Laser offers the latest in fractional resurfacing technology.  Results from the Pixel CO2 are very similar to those of traditional CO2, but with dramatically reduced downtime and much less risk of complications.  For the average patient, a week of downtime results in tighter skin, dramatically diminished wrinkles, and overall improvement in skin texture and appearance.  When you’re ready for the next step, consider Pixel CO2!   

Photos courtesy of Alma Lasers

Photos courtesy of Alma Lasers